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Journal of Contemporary Theological Studies Submission Guidelines

An exceptional opportunity for students of ABHE institutions to present papers to their peers and a Council of Review on how theology impacts ministry. The Forum will be held as an Annual Meeting pre-conference event each February in Orlando. The top papers will be selected by the Council for publication in the digital ABHE student scholars publication, The Journal of Contemporary Theology.


To facilitate the development of world-class biblical scholars among students who are effective in the research and apologetic of the dynamic relations between theology and ministry. Students are invited to submit papers, between 2,000 – 3,000 words, that will explore, engage and extend our knowledge and understanding of the connection between theology and ministry as found within the various contexts of the Scriptures, ministry, and leadership.

Time & Place

The Forum will be held as a preconference for the ABHE annual meeting in Orlando each year in February. Papers will be presented followed by peer review discussion. Students other than presenters are encouraged to attend and participate in the discussions. To participate, students must be either a presenter or recommended by a faculty member of the college where they attend.

Submission of Papers

Papers should be submitted by December 15th to Steve Crowther – scrowther@gcd.edu

Students selected for presentations at the Forum will be notified by January 1st. Upon selection, presenters must register at www.abheannualmeeting.com under the designation of Student Scholar.

Submission Guidelines

  • Your submission (including references) conforms to the Chicago or Turabian style format.
  • All text, including references, is double-spaced in Arial or Times New Roman font (10-12 point type) with one-inch margins.
  • Your title page includes complete contact information for all authors, including mailing addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers.
  • The text of your submission, including abstract, body of the paper and references (not including title page, tables and figures), is no longer than 25 pages total.
  • You submit your paper as a Word document (.doc or .docx extension) to the email address of the forum contact person.
  • Any prior publication of data featured in the manuscript is explicitly acknowledged either in the manuscript or in the transmittal letter to the forum contact. Any forthcoming or “in press” articles which use the data should be forwarded to the forum contact person with the submission.

The presenter will prepare powerpoints to present the paper during the Forum for a 15 minute presentation. The best papers will be selected for publication in the Journal – JCTS.