Volume 2

Leadership in the Pericope of Matthew 20:20-28

Nestled in the later portions of the Gospel of Matthew is a compelling pericope regarding the nature of leadership in the Kingdom of God. In this section of Scripture, the Apostle Matthew, relates the tale of when the mother of the Apostles James and John comes to entreat Jesus to provide ruling positions for her sons. Jesus’ response provides insight into how He views leadership in the Kingdom He came to bring. He challenges a prevailing concept of authority and power and provides all the disciples with a paradigm shift in what advancement looks like. This text is rich. When viewed using Socio Rhetorical interpretive methodology, the reader sees multiple layers of texture. These textures allow the student to see more clearly the difference between the way leadership was viewed during that period and the radical departure that Jesus posits. (Read entire article)


The dramatic changes brought about by globalization present both theological and ecclesial challenges to the American church. Scholars are engaging these problems from a variety of directions. Since scholars like Philip Jenkins and Mark Noll revealed the new realities of global Christianity, others have sought to understand how that influences Western theology. On an ecclesial level, American church leaders, like Mark DeYmaz, have increasingly written about how to develop and lead multiethnic churches in America. What is still developing, however, is how church should respond to the globalizing forces confronting the American church. This paper, therefore, aims to briefly to define globalization, identify some aspects of its increasing impact on American churches, and then finally suggest several ways in which local churches can respond. (Read entire article)

Apostleship: We Have the Means, We Have the Motivation

Some followers of Jesus go down to a river to find people gathered for prayer. Along the river bank, they see a group of women. The followers of Jesus share what they claim is the truth of the Scriptures: that Jesus of Nazareth is the Messiah. One of the women, a business woman from Asia, listens and understands. Though others have heard this same word and not understood, the Holy Spirit reveals the salvation of Jesus Christ to her. (Read entire article)

A Spirited Defense: Apologetics and the Holy Spirit According to Luke

Almost every Christian has heard it. Many hear it so often they accept it without a second thought. It’s taken as a rock-solid maxim upon which all good evangelism is based, and is usually expressed in the following way: “You cannot argue anyone into the kingdom of God!”

At one level this statement reflects a wise caution about reaching people for Christ. It trades on the fact that petty quarreling will do no good in effective evangelization. It also serves as a helpful reminder that Christians cannot intellectually muscle a non-believer into the kingdom against her will. (Read entire article)